100% cotton pads charged with micellar water & antioxidants


    Water based suitable for all skin types. No drying alcohol or parabens

  • Brightens skin & Boosts Complexion

    Made in Australia by pharmaceuticals scientist & certified cosmetic formulators


P E R D I E M   F A C E


The Daily Cleansing Pad

The Daily Cleansing Pad is high quality skincare you can trust! These micellar water pads are good for travel, beach, busy days, late nights & lazy mornings.

Micellar Water Pads

A unique blend of micellar water and antioxidants

Fresh and Clean

This cleansing pad will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and hydrated

Irritant Free

Free from drying alcohols, parabens & skin irritants


Micellar Water Pads

Biodegradable: These micellar water pads are made with 100% biodegradable cotton

High Quality: Produced in Australia by pharmaceutical scientists and certified cosmetic formulators

No Animal Testing: We do not test on animals, only humans

What Our Customers Say

“These pads are so moist, remove all my make up including my eye make up and I just need one a day. My skin feels soft and clean afterwards. Best make up removing wipes I have even used.”

– Gemma

“My skin is very sensitive and I find I have no issues with using Perdiem Face cleansing pads on my skin everyday.”

– Nancy

“I love these cleansing pads. They are gentle, natural and safe to use. My skin felt soft, clean & refreshed without any harsh drying agents. Great for all skins!”

– Anna B

“Really easy to use and incredibly effective! My skin felt clean and clear immediately. I have used a LOT of skincare products in the past, and you should not go past this one. I am a fan!!!”

– Rebecca

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A Product Made For You

Being a modern-day woman is hard, keep your game face fresh and confident.

100% cotton luxury face pads charged in a unique blend of micellar water and antioxidants designed to use any time anywhere.

Luxe Skincare

The Daily Cleansing pad is free of alcohol, parabens & skin irritants.

Produced in Australia by pharmaceutical scientist and certified cosmetic formulators.  Made in a high-quality state of the art sterile lab by people who have a passion for skin and sourcing high quality local ingredients.

Beauty on The Go

That one essential necessity that every woman needs to get them ready to face the day or wipe the hard days sweat and grime away. Excellent for adding to your gym or beach bag or even by your bedside.

The Daily Cleansing Pad

The Daily Cleansing Pad by PER DIEM FACE is so easy to use, with no mess and no fuss!

Water based, suitable for all skin types

Access to running water not needed

Brightens skin & boosts complexions

Reduces moisture loss

Good for travel, beach, busy days, late nights & lazy mornings.