Blue Light – Good and Bad

Light is made up of electromagnetic particles that travel in waves, they all emit energy and range in lengths and strengths, they are represented by different colour. Blue light is everywhere in the atmosphere however living in the digital world is now exposing us to LED lights which emit strong blue light leaving us exposed for to more blue light for long periods of time.

Blue light which is also referred to as high energy visible (HEV) light or urban dust is said to cause free radical damage and is the new silent way to cause photo ageing!  It is said to be able to penetrate the dermis, the place where our fibro blast cells produce collagen and elastin (skins support) even more so than sun- this can induce pigmentation. Studies have shown that we check our phone over 150 times per day and we are exposing ourselves to 10 hours of screen time per day!  What can we do- make sure you using a form of Vitamin C called THD ascorbate, the post stable of its kind and the one that can also penetrate the skin- this will help neutralise free radicals and protect from urban dust. Always wear and SPF 30 daily and re-apply regularly. See more information on the chemical vs physical blog.

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